The apple trees and coffee machine are on site! On a large round table, we have attached a map of the entire County of Stockholm, where we will begin to build the model of the city––first as it looks today­­––and very soon it will display its invaluable connections. The project is a long-term strategy that started in September 2005 as Sara Göransson’s thesis, which both she and Filipe Balestra have developed until now. Together the two have founded the interdisciplinary platform Urban Nouveau, which has now moved its activity to the major exhibition hall of The Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. Here, the team is working on the project Connecting-Stockholm for the entire month of September.

Connecting-Stockholm will show how distinct links between isolated communities can be forged. A segregated city can be transformed into a network city, where both meetings and increased communication reduces the distance between people. The strategy protects important green space from future urban sprawl through the establishment of site-specific frameworks, within which the city can grow. By using permaculture principles in the areas between the built environment, the local food production will be increased whilst its transport is minimized. In times where pollution, rising oil prices and increased migration is prevalent, Stockholm can lead the way towards the transition to a self-sufficient city where immigration is seen as a natural contribution to the region’s population growth and its use as a resource.

Dreams, ideas and suggestions from all who visit will go straight into the ongoing work process, and the first few curious visitors are already occupying the hot seat, intensely discussing the future of Stockholm with Sara Göransson. Here on site, we are a team of architects, writers and designers from all around the world, from Brazil and Japan to Denmark, Portugal and England. On October 1st when the results of the work process are completed, we will host a great party. After that, the exhibition will continue until October 10th. But first we welcome both Stockholm residents and global citizens to visit and join us in developing the vision of our future city. Welcome, from Urban Nouveau!