A very active day!

The team formally checked-in, coached by Katrine. Everyone agreed that Sara’s presentation yesterday of her work “Local Act, Global Change”, was very important and made our value bases better coincide.

If the first day, Tuesday was one of getting oriented and sometimes a bit chaotic, today has been directional: the big aerial map of Stockholm is constantly worked on: possible connections are laid out as is built as well as open areas. The map is slowly getting two- and three dimensional. Great!

The inhabited bridge is no longer merely a brainchild but taking material form. We are all excited to see the continuous development!

Sophie has booked new interviews with people active in her specialism: permaculture and Magnus Hunhammar from the Institute for Sustainable Transportation was interviewed about the future of Pod Cars, railbound electrical cars for indiviudual and collective use, managed by electronic maps.

These type of transportation is customised for areas where other public transport would be too expensive or not possible for other reasons. They are powered by electricity, which well could be produced by renewable sources. In a current project in California a Pod Car installation is powered solely by solar panles.

While talking to Magnus, you realise how little creativity goes into thinking about public transport, including pedestrian and bicycle routes. The two latter could be linked into combined ‘pedycle’ routes where rent-a-bike centres could be strategically placed where pedestrian routes cannot offer the shelter, experience and security needed [to make them pedestrian in practice, not merely in theory]. Likewise, referring to Pod Cars, rent-a-bike centres could be present at every station.

The inter communal cooperation, Kompass, is discussing a Pod Car pilot installation: Via Academia, which would link KTH, Karolinska Institute and University of Stockholm. Magnus offered to help us include Via Academia in our model and this will be discussed by the team.

At 17.15 the team check-out, exhausted but pleased. Except: missing Sara who went home with a severe stomach ache. Get well soon Sara!!

at the computer: Kristina