The model is well underway: a visual brainstorm!  It clearly displays the creative chaos and entanglement that we as Urban Nouveau hope to implement in connecting the fragmented city of Stockholm. On an aerial image of Stockholm white outlines highlight the areas of great urban intensity whilst the yellow connections hope to span the distances between them (mainly consisting of 1km to 5km max connections – walkable distances). The table model resembles a multicoloured spider web as pink connections strengthen the mid points of the yellow spans. This is achieved by forming triangulated sub connections in the form of bridge-villages and similar proposals that we will be developing vigorously in the coming few weeks.

Model stages:

  1. Identify the homes of visitors and participants of the exhibition on the map and their concerns.
  2. Highlight areas of high density, mid density and low density
  3. Highlight micro urban clusters e.g. farms
  4. Connect urban areas (max 5km connections)
  5. Intensify and strengthen the proposed connections through a sub structure of connections.