Dear extensions of each-other,

From the 7th of September until the 10th of October Urban Nouveau* will move its premisses into the arkitekturmuseet to bring Connecting-Stockholm to a public level. We welcome you to join in!

Framing the growth of Stockholm onto urban bridges which connect currently disconnected suburbs is the starting point of Connecting-Stockholm, a participatory design strategy to turn one of the world’s most segregated cities into a network-city. The tactic brings together the trajectories of a collective thought shared by Yona Friedman, Superstudio, Constant Nieuwenhuis and other anonymous heroes. Common sense and people’s participation are essential ingredients for the discussion.

On an initial phase, the strategy will be laid out from the aerial perspective, to show that if no man is an island, no suburb should be disconnected from another. An extra large model of Stockholm will be built to show the city as it is, and as it could be, if the strategy is adopted. The second phase will mature locally, from the ground, in social workshops in which architects, designers, planners and facilitators will work together with the locals to understand the challenges and opportunities of each community in order to process appropriate systems for positive change. XL model-making on an aerial photograph base will prove that an urban strategy can and should be easily understood by children, elderly people and everyone in between.

Urban stitching between isolated communities may and should adapt to the landscape in focus by going around lakes, forests and rocks, thus making sure every connection is unique, fractal and organic. The plan is to densify the city to maximize human interaction and production of local culture. The green spaces between urban bridges are meant to become permaculture courtyards and food forests, another security layer to prevent social panic in case of a global economy collapse caused by a World in debt.

Connecting-Stockholm is a direction for transition, from a virtual paperwork society into a self-sufficient hyper-village born in slow motion as we resurrect traditions and lifestyles harmonized by Nature… an alternative stage for choreographies on the global city – brushing away the unnecessary, to strengthen the respect that brings us together.

We are looking forward to see you at the finissage party on Friday the 1st of October!

Stay connected,

Filipe Balestra and Sara Göransson / Urban Nouveau*