In the workshop of Arkitekturmuseet, the Thorsèn family is building models of how they want their future city to look like. This is their own words on their creations:

Torbjörn Thorsèn, 42:        “I am building the city of the future. It is an entirely car-free environment, driven by boats and bicycles. All the trees are taking care of the sewage; it is the greenery that eats all feces and food waste. Together the houses are becoming a big, living compost.”

Elvin Thorsèn, 5: “I am building houses that are stuck together. The people living in them are supposed to make their way to their neighbors by climbing, hanging in those sticks.”

Lovisa, 2,5: “I like glitter. We live there, and grandmother lives close to us.”

Jennifer, 40: “Either I build row-houses or linked houses, or tenement buildings by the water and green fields. It is important that green areas are inserted in the city. I would like to have pedestrian paths and bike paths. I don’t want to walk out of my house and be on a car road right away. I feel that one can be isolated in villa suburbs, so it is important with natural meeting places. I would like to keep the little town, even if it is a utopia. With the shopping malls people don’t meet on the streets. They take the car, and then they stay in their own backyard without talking to each other.”





Text: Rebecka Gordan Photos: David Relan