Connecting Stockholm is about moving down to a level of people. Moving past personal interest, moving past corporate interest, interests as a business or firm, about sharing ideas and not owning them, not claiming rights to them. On the level of the personal and the corporate, moving past the idea of gain, of selling, selling, selling.

Without contact to the local, to the personal, we lose everything. Without holistic thought we can make commodities of all sorts of things, far into the night, trading and trading money, meals, products, producing the borders again.

I keep returning to the idea of the relationship between two people as the core element of society – not the individual and her possessions, but rather the invisible strength holding two lovers together, the links between eyes, and contact – they say is the most important bit. Society in its smallest fragment is two people, not one. Society is diversity, disagreement, honesty, trust.

Still, relationships are built of individuals. The beauty of individuals are what create the fragments of fractal relationships, and without looking at these parts, consulting these parts, feeling a true and varied demos, a democratic urban area cannot connect. Relationships, interest, love. All we need is…

Posted by David