“In 2004 the UK imported 17.2 million Kilos of chocolate-covered waffles and wafers and exported 17.6 million kilos; we imported 10.2 million Kilos of milk and cream by weight, from France and exported 9.9 million. The figures for the same trade with Germany were 15.5 million Kilos and 17.2 million. Germany sent us 1.5 million Kilos of potatoes and we sent them, yes, 1.5 million Kilos of potatoes. We imported 43.000 scarves from Canada and exported 39.000. Drink is swilling around the international markets.  The UK imported £310 million  worth of beer in 2004 and exported £313 million worth. For spirits the figures were £344 million and £463 million respectively . Just as we imported 44.000 tonnes of frozen boneless cuts of chicken, we exported 51.000 tonnes of fresh boneless chicken.” Andrew Simms